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About Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is traditional and modern, just the right size and open to the world, athletic and sensual. Liechtenstein exudes atmosphere. What astonishes you are the small things. Dive in! Enjoy the experiences and the serenity. 1001 opportunities await you – white in the winter, warm in the summer, fresh in the spring and colorful in the autumn.

Our small size has nothing to do with numbers. Everything is here: impressive mountains and a vibrant culture, charming villages and excellent gourmet temples. Discover what it means to be small in all its diversity and familiarity. The qualities lie in the details. Whoever discovers Liechtenstein, experiences great things in a small place.

Culture and Art

The palette of cultural offerings is very rich. Cultural diversity extends from music and theater to literature, the visual arts, and customs and traditions. The numerous private associations play an important role in this regard. Cultural life in Liechtenstein is supported by State institutions, but also owes its diversity to an increasing number of full-time and part-time artists, as well as many inhabitants of the country who actively participate in cultural activities. The cultural associations are very active and take on a large part of the responsibility for preserving culture in Liechtenstein.

Cultural life in Liechtenstein distinguishes itself by an extraordinary diversity and broad appeal. Many segments of society now shape and make use of it. Culture in all its varieties is exceptionally well suited to enrich human coexistence and to expand its deeper meaning.


Sports enjoy great importance and broad support in Liechtenstein. The entire population can take advantage of the wide selection of sports clubs to engage in various types of sports, in addition to individual sporting activities. Popular sport means movement, a way to balance working life, calm, well-being and promotion of health. Despite its small size, Liechtenstein has also been able to develop a number of professional athletes, who, through their achievements, carry the name of Liechtenstein out into the world, thereby helping to increase the visibility of the country.


The Principality is a constitutional, hereditary monarchy on a democratic and parliamentary basis; the power of the State is embodied in the Reigning Prince and the People. With an area of 160 sq. km/61.8 sq miles, Liechtenstein is the fourth smallest state in Europe. Despite its size, the country can look back on a very eventful history. It is a history of rapid development, from an agrarian country to a highly industrialized state. Liechtenstein has turned into one of the most attractive economic locations in Europe since the early 50s. As a modern hub of business, Liechtenstein stands for innovation, development and stability.


Would you like to treat yourself to a few days of relaxation and feel just like a prince? Then the small Principality of Liechtenstein in the heart of Europe is just the right place for you. It doesn't matter what the season, you can always find them here - Princely Moments. Whether you discover the hiking and winter sports area, the superb restaurants, or the cultural corner of Liechtenstein - we will do everything to make your vacation a winner.

Whether conquering peaks high up in the mountains, taking athletic tours with your bike, making refreshing plunges into cold lakes, or experiencing lively cultural and city festivals: The summer in Liechtenstein belongs entirely to you.

Liechtenstein is also a wonderful place for a wide range of winter activities and relaxing recreation. Glide down the snowy hills, skate through 15 kilometers (9 miles) of idyllic nature, and enjoy your family vacation in small and cosy Malbun.


In an economy that is increasingly internationally linked and globally dependent, the economic policy of the small country of Liechtenstein is in a special situation. Since its own influence is limited, the general conditions for business activity must be stable and favorable.

In addition to political continuity, this requires a predictable legal and social order and a liberal economic order overall. This is also determined by the small State apparatus. The level of State intervention in economic processes is therefore kept low. A solid financial policy of public budgets, fast administrative channels, and a low level of bureaucracy overall are supported by restrained tax legislation.

Education and science

The Liechtenstein school and training system stands for a modern field of education, which supports and accompanies its students on their path more and more characterized by lifelong learning.

All State schools in Liechtenstein can be attended free of charge. In addition to the state schools there are two private schools and a special school, where physically or mentally challenged children are taught and assisted.

Concerning tertiary education, the Principality of Liechtenstein has three internationally focused educational establishments available: The University of Liechtenstein, the Private University of the Principality of Liechtenstein and the Liechtenstein Institute. Whereas the University of Liechtenstein is concentrating on the core competences economics and architecture, the Private University of the Principality of Liechtenstein specialises in postgraduate studies of medical science and jurisprudence. The Liechtenstein Institute – founded in 1986 – is doing Liechtenstein specific research in the areas of jurisprudence, economics, social and political sciences as well as history.

However, the bigger part of Liechtenstein’s students study abroad, mainly in Switzerland and Austria.

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